What Our Clients Say

trent morris director of workforce solutions panhandle client testimonial

Workforce Solutions Panhandle

"My favorite part about working with Equalize Digital is that I don't remember Amber ever saying, 'I can't do that,' or 'That's not possible.' She always said, 'Let me see what I can figure out. Let me research that.'"
- Trent Morris, Director

halina dodd principal and creative director of the halo agency client testimonial

Halo Agency

"That peace of mind that you get from working with somebody who not only accomplishes the look you want, but then also gives you the support and the reliability. I think it's hard to trade."
- Halina Dodd, Principal & Creative Director

ernest chavez professor at colorado state university, co-wy amp testimonial


"The best part of working with Equalize Digital is the personal contact with them. It was like interacting with friends. It wasn't like interacting with some corporate entity that had no interest at all in us."
- Ernest Chavez, Professor

Brianna Boles and Leanne Pittsford wearing lesbians who tech t-shirts

Lesbians Who Tech

"The launched portal has earned overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially concerning its promise as a viable recruitment tool. Uncompromising responsiveness and strong interpersonal skills make them an ideal partner."
-Brianna Boles, Former VP of Partnerships

Black female CSU student studying outdoors

Colorado State University STEM Center

"Our Deans and our Vice Provost have been extremely pleased with the website. It’s much improved from our previous site. Organization and meticulousness were hallmarks of their work. Their expert team inspired confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start."
- Laura Sample-McMeeking, Director