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Event Series WordPress Accessibility Meetup

Pie Calendar Plugin Accessibility Audit: Alex Stine and Amber Hinds

Join us as Alex Stine, Engineer & Accessibility Consultant, and Amber Hinds, CEO of Equalize Digital, perform a live accessibility audit of the Pie Calendar WordPress Plugin and provide real-time feedback. The presentation will demonstrate how to manually audit WordPress plugins for accessibility while providing real-time feedback to help the Pie Calendar team improve their […]


Event Series WordPress Accessibility Meetup

Building a Low-Code Accessible WooCommerce Website: Amber Hinds

Join us for a case study presentation from Amber Hinds, CEO of Equalize Digital and lead organizer of the meetup, on building an accessible drop-shipping WooCommerce website. Amber will share the process for building, testing, and remediating in WooCommerce, including specific plugin findings (good and bad). Whether you are a developer or e-commerce store owner, […]

Event Series WordPress Accessibility Meetup

Do More with Less ARIA: Michaela Lederman

We all know that accessible websites are important, but many people assume that accessibility equates to static or boring. In an attempt to be "accessible," they add ARIA roles & landmarks on everything, which is counterintuitive; knowing when to avoid ARIA & how to properly implement it leads to an accessible and enjoyable website for […]